piano teacher singapore student

  • I am a complete beginner to piano, can I join piano classes ?

Everyone starts from the beginner, and if you are just a beginner it is time to start with something. Fill up your particulars and tell us that you are a beginners, and we will be happy to assign you with teacher who will be guiding step by step.

  • What kind of piano lessons do you offer ?

You can find various piano lessons that suits your needs. for example, if you are new to piano, you can join our piano lessons for beginner

  • I am interested to look for piano teacher, How should I go about it ?

It is an easy step, just head to contact us page and fill up our particulars & other details like your current grade, preferred date and time. Upon receiving your particulars, we will match with our registered piano teachers to find teacher who is the most suitable for your timing, and preferences.
We will be contacting you for more details and confirmation from the teacher. It is that easy.

  • As a student, Is this service free ?

Yes, It is free. You will not be charged for the service rendered. the only fee you need to pay is the monthly piano lessons which need to be paid on the 1st lesson of your piano class.

  • What if I am not satisfied with the matched teacher assigned to me ?

You are allowed to change to other teacher with no charges as well, the most recommended way will be you change after 1 month of lesson, this is to give teacher and parent/student enough time to know each other. However if parent think the fault is in teacher side, kindly contact us here so we can do quick arrangement for you. We will give  you a  feedback about the assigned teacher. This is to ensure that we are updated with the progress of the teachers services to you. We will allocate up to 1x of changes.

  • How much do I need to pay for the piano lessons ?

You can check our tentative rates of the piano lessons on our rates page. The price could vary in the range as some teachers are charging more and less. If you think you want a specific range of price or specified teacher, then we have to take a little bit of time to match your request.

  • Can I verify the teacher if she/he really is a graduate as she/he claim to be ?

Parents and Students are encouraged to check the teacher qualification if needed to. You can request the teacher to bring along their certificate or proof if you think that you need to verify those to ensure they are very professional.