Piano Lessons for Adult

Here, you will learn about the exam pieces for ABRSM exam, and if you are serious in preparing for your piano exam every year and want to have a good teacher to groom you.

If you are looking for private piano lessons for adults, You can choose which grade of Singapore ABRSM that you want to learn in class.

We have the following teachers who can teach level in :

  • ABRSM Grade 1
  • ABRSM Grade 2
  • ABRSM Grade 3
  • ABRSM Grade 4
  • ABRSM Grade 5
  • ABRSM Grade 6
  • ABRSM Grade 7
  • ABRSM Grade 8
  • Diploma level

and if you are preparing for diploma level, pls contact us by emailing to us for more information.

You will be taught on the lessons that you have gone through before, identify your strength and weaknesses so that you can improve the overall skills of yours. Normally lessons plan and goal will be identified by our teachers on the very first lesson that they know when are your next exam, how far have you learnt, what are your pieces, and any other special requests that you might need.

Those who are adult and have no experience in playing piano, pls refer to our page piano lessons for beginners for more details.