Piano Lessons for Beginner

If you are new to music, and have never gone through piano lessons before, and yet keen to learn it as new hobby or activity, you can join our piano lessons for beginners. Call us for more info how we can tailor your needs.

You will learn about the basic and fundamental of music, reading notes, sitting posture, and everything you need to know about starting as beginners.

Starting a piano lessons can be sometimes overwhelming for anyone who just about to start piano lesson. It will takes a solid basis of theory and hand-eye coordination which will be taught by the piano teacher.

Here are some tips that you may read so that you can start with :

  • Remember to relax – During the first few sessions, your piano teacher will always ask you to relax. As being relax will allow you to play more from your heart. If you you are always consciously trying to get the right and being not relax, your fingers will become too stiff and making careless mistakes. Being calm also saves energy from your body and leads to more comfortable practise session.
  • Follow the lesson plan from teacher – Stick to lesson plan so that you can monitor your progress, and of course you need to practise at home besides your lessons. Practise will allow you to make mistake and do better.
  • Start small – Instead of playing with difficult notes, you can practise a slightly easier song to gain the momentum and progress.
  • Repeat and Memorize – sight reading, involves hand-eye coordination. This is where you read sheet music while playing keys on the piano. This technique is exceptionally hard for any beginner, as you would have to considerably do two things at the same time.To improve your sight-reading skills, it’s best that you memorize your pieces and play it by heart. By continuous repetition and memorization, your keystrokes would soon be executed via muscle memory. And remember, though great sheet music readers may have natural coordination, they also execute mentally-stored patterns like notes, key feel, and rhythms.